An Introduction to Derbyshire Constabulary

Derbyshire Constabulary has prepared a document which provides an overview of the force, its partners and its achievements.

The document contains a list of impressive stats, and it's hoped that by reading it, you will gain extensive knowledge of the good work that is being done to make Derbyshire one of the safest counties in the East Midlands, as well as one of the safest in the whole country.

The document also gives you chance to see who's at the helm of the Constabulary, from the top level with introductions to the force's five chief officers and what they're responsible for, to the divisional commanders and their roles.

It also underlines the challenges faced by the force, and explains the objectives and targets that have been set for the next year and beyond.

To download the entire 29-page document, see the Related Documents area to the right. Below is a summary of what is contained within it.

Serving Derbyshire

Derbyshire Constabulary serves an area of more than 1,000 square miles, and a population around one million.

The county is renowned for its diversity, from the High Peak, Derbyshire Dales and Derwent Valley, where tourism thrives, to the culturally diverse city of Derby, not forgetting its rural mining villages and market towns.

The county is split into three divisions, served by police officers, PCSOs, police staff and Special Constables.

Far-reaching Police Services

Through changes in society and technology, the way we deal with crime increasingly evolves and becomes more complex.

Neighbourhood policing involves Safer Neighbourhood Teams who work closely with agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour and community crime.

Public Protection looks at protecting those who are most vulnerable; the economic crime unit is based around the seizure and confiscation of ill-gotten gains via the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), while operational policing provides specialist support including armed response, roads policing and the helicopter search teams and dogs unit.

The most serious of crimes and organised crime are investigated across all five force areas (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire); The High-tech Crime Unit deals with forensic examination of computers, hard drives and other digital devices, while terrorism - although not as serious in our county as others - is never overlooked.

It's also worth remembering the vital role of police staff and contact management centre operators, the latter of whom deal with over 320 emergency 999 calls and over 1,900 non-emergency calls via the 101 number on a daily basis.

Every Community has a Safer Neighbourhood Team

Safer Neighbourhood Teams play an invaluable role in the policing of every community across Derbyshire. SNTs provide a visible and accessible service and work closely with neighbourhood panels via meetings and surgeries to establish the growing concerns of their community before proactively setting about ways to promote a safer environment.

They are the heart of the community, and 95 of them exist throughout the county, made up of police officers and PCSOs supported by police staff and partners.

The Special Constabulary

The Special Constabulary are in integral part of the force, supporting SNTs and reactive patrol officers.

They are trained volunteers who have the same powers as police officers and are therefore able to play a crucial role in fighting crime and making the county safer.

Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour

Crime in Derbyshire continues to fall, and since 2002/03, when National Crime Recording Standards were introduced, there have been more than 50,000 fewer victims of crime in Derbyshire, an overall reduction of 49%.

The following graph illustrates the crime reductions over the last nine years.

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The graph below charts the reduction in anti-social behaviour, which has fallen for a seventh consecutive year.

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We are detecting more crimes

In addition to preventing crime, we have significantly improved the percentage of crimes detected with 35% of all crimes are solved.

The following graph shows the proportion of offences that have been detected either through the Criminal Justice System or by restorative justice options.

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We continue to face considerable policing risks

Derbyshire Constabulary is committed to providing a high quality policing service to everyone in Derbyshire. We work in partnership with other relevant organisations to address crime and community safety, adhering to five guiding principles:
  • Protecting the vulnerable
  • Attacking criminality
  • Providing reassurance
  • Preventing and reducing crime
  • Delivering value for money

Each year Derbyshire Constabulary hosts a risk and threat seminar with partners and key stakeholders. This process, recognised nationally as best practice, ensures the force and its partners fully understand and assess the risks to Derbyshire and how to meet or reduce these risks effectively.


Derbyshire is one of five collaborative forces working together in the East Midlands region, along with Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

The aim of the programme is to save the five forces money while maintaining our efficiency and resilience.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice was introduced to the force in April 2009 as an alternative resolution to local issues.

Its aim is to bring victims, offenders and communities together to decide on how to deal with low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in the community.

It is about finding positive solutions and encouraging offenders to face up to their actions, making them understand what they’ve done wrong and giving them an opportunity to do something to repair the harm.


Derbyshire Constabulary works well with a number of partnerships called CSPs (Community Safety Partnerships).

These consist of representatives from the police, the local council, and the fire, health and probation services.

In total, there are nine community safety partnerships in Derbyshire, all with one aim: to develop and implement strategies to protect local communities from crime and to help people feel safe.

Safeguarding Children

Protecting the lives and welfare of children is paramount when it comes to the policing of child abuse and exploitation.

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards are multi-agency forums which ensure that children and young people are kept safe and have their needs met.

Public confidence and satisfaction

We strive towards protecting the public and gauge confidence by engaging with people to gain vital feedback. Methods include a Victims of Crime telephone survey, ongoing Have Your Say events and the British Crime Survey.

We're pleased that public confidence and satisfaction is improving, with 81% of victims surveyed satisfied with the service they received, and 87% of the public declaring they are confident in their police force.

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Breakdown of income and costs in 2014/15

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