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Independent Advisory Group

CarlWillisWithNameThe Independent Advisory Group aims to work as partners with the police service to increase trust and provide constructive independent advice on the quality of service delivery to all communities.

The role of the Independent Advisory Group is not one of scrutiny, but ensures the policy, procedure and practices of the Derbyshire Constabulary meets the strategic aims of the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy and provide a safeguard against disadvantaging any section of our communities through the lack of understanding, ignorance and mistaken belief by the service, as set out by Macpherson.

Peter Goodman, Chief Constable of Derbyshire: "Policing in the United Kingdom is built upon the principle of policing by consent and the idea that that the police are the public and the public are the police. In Derbyshire Constabulary our interpretation of the law and our decision making must reflect this ethos. Our primary force value is about always seeking to do the right thing, but often, especially when it is a critical decision, we need advice and help from our communities in understanding what the right thing is. This seemingly simple question often acts as a guiding light in an increasingly complex policing environment where the correct path can be anything but clear.

The Independent Advisory Group was set up many years ago and amongst many other things, we ask the members and the group to literally ask this question of us and provide further objective scrutiny. The group acts as the voice of the people and as a critical friend, challenging our ideas and our actions when necessary and helping us to make the right choices by providing a richness of perspectives and experiences to draw from.

As an organisation, I am proud that we are driven by our values and the need to serve the public, and that we strive in all circumstances to just do the right thing. The important role played by the Independent Advisory Group helps us to do just that and I thank them for their continued voluntary work in seeking to shape the future of policing in Derbyshire and to make a real difference for its residents.”

Carl Willis, Chair of the IAG: "The IAG was formed in response to the recommendations of the MacPherson report – and has since evolved to support Derbyshire Constabulary in their ongoing commitment to providing a high-quality policing service to everyone in Derbyshire.

"We have a shared commitment to building trust and confidence amongst communities byworking in partnership to ensure policing policy, procedure and practices safeguard against disadvantaging communities through a lack of understanding, ignorance or mistaken belief. This shared commitment reflects the shared values of the force and the IAG of Integrity, Respect, Performance, Responsibility and Innovation."








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