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Policies and Guidance

Class definition

Here you will find current statements of principle providing guidance and direction to staff in respect of a specific issue or piece of legislation.

It should be noted that some of the material in this Class contains exempt information, which in the public interest, should not be published. Where this occurs the material will clearly show where information has been withheld and explain what exemption has been applied and why. Typically, information may be withheld if its release would compromise the health and safety of staff, investigations & proceedings and law enforcement more generally.

We have revised our process for assessing the impact of our policies and practices with regard to the protected groups stated within the Equality Act 2010. We are applying this new process to all of our existing policies and practices. View our completed Equality Impact Assessments.

Cost notes

If you contact us to request a single copy of an individual policy, we will send this to you free of charge. Should you wish Derbyshire Constabulary to send multiple copies of the same policy, you must pay a fee.

Additionally, we will provide a single copy of up to five different policies free of charge. If you ask us to send you six or more policies, you must pay a fee.

All copies downloaded from this website are free.

Policies and guidance

Click on the items below to download the relevant document.

Abnormal Loads Guidance

Accident and Near Miss Investigation Procedure

Accrual of Leave while Long Term Sick

ACPO Police Response to Security Systems

Acting Up and Temporary Promotion Policy - Police Officers

Acting Up Policy - Police Staff

Adverse Weather - Work Attendance During, Guidance

Animals and Birds Guidance

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Asbestos Management Policy

Awards and Commendations Guidance

Back Calculation in Drink Driving Cases

Body Worn Video Policy

Bullying & Harassment

Business Interests / Additional Employment Guidance

Canteens and Catering Guidance

Career Break Guidelines

Cautioning of Adult Offenders Policy

Collision Abstracts and the Furnishing of Information

Competence - Professional Competence Procedure Student Officers

Community Involvement Scheme Policy

Community Triggers

Crimestoppers - Disclosure of Material

Critical Incident Management Policy

Critical Incident & Trauma Support Guidance

CS Spray Policy

Custody Based Substance Misuse Workers

Customer Service Policy

Cycle - Pedal, Guidance

Diagnosis of Death

Disciplinary Procedure for Police Staff

Display Screen Equipment Procedure

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Drink / Drugs Driving Guidance

Driver Alertness Scheme 

Driving Courses Guidance

Driving Policy

Drug and  Alcohol Misuse Policy 

Elections - Duties at, Guidance

Environmental Management Plan

Equal Pay Policy

Evidence Gathering Teams and Non PSU Camera Operators Guidance

Evidential Property Policy

Exit Interviews

Eyesight Testing Guidance

Family Leave - Police Officer

Family Leave - Police Staff

Fire Safety & Prevention Policy

Firearms, Shotguns and Airweapons

Fixed Penalty Notices for Disorder (PND) - Guidance

Fixed Penalty Notices & Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme (VDRS) Guidance

Flexible Learning Guidance

Flexible Retirement

Flexible Working (Right to Request) Policy

Flexible Working to Accommodate Religious Beliefs

Flexitime Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifts Gratuities and Hospitality Guidance

Grievance Policy

Hate Crime Policy

Hazchem Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy - Managers Responsibility

Health and Safety Policy- Terms of Reference

HM Forces Guidance

HR Training Services Appeals Procedure

Incident Data Recorders Policy

Independent Advisory Groups

Independent Advisory Group - Guidelines

Investigation of Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Policy

Job Share Policy

Licensed and Unlicensed Premises, Closure of

Limited Duties Procedure

Lone Working Guidance

Method of Entry Guidance

National Driver Alertness Scheme

Neighbourhood Watch Policy

No Smoking Policy

Noise at Work Procedure

Part-Time Working Policy - Police Officers

Performance and Development Review (PDR) Policy

Persons Susceptible to Harm Policy

Pesticides & Poisons, Safe Handling of - Guidance

Police Support Volunteers Policy

Professional Standards Policy

Provision of Witness Statements Emergency Dept Staff

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Revocation & Recall of Prisoners

Redeployment Procedure - Police Staff

Regional Government Security Classification Policy

Reorganisation Redundancy Redeployment Guidance

Reorganisation Redundancy Redeployment Policy

Repeat Victims Policy

Representative Organisations

Research Policy

Road Traffic Collisions Reports & Procedure

Safe Use of the Internet and Social Media by Police Officers and Police Staff Guidance I

Sick Pay Policy

Special Constabulary Policy

Speed Camera Activations by Emergency Service Vehicles

Speed Enforcement

Stop, Powers to Stop Persons and Vehicles

Street Bail Guidance

Street Pastors SOP

Street Bail Guidance

Stress Policy

Student Police Officer Professional Competence

Study - Financial Assistance and Time off for External Study

Summary Files, Preparation of - Guidance

Sustainability Policy

Testing and Examination of Vehicles

Time Off for Training - Right to Request

Traffic Management

Trauma Support & Critical Incident Guidance

Truancy Guidance

Travel Policy

Unauthorised Encampments

Unmanageable Debt Procedure

Unsatisfactory Attendance Procedures Police Staff

Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures (UPP) Police Staff

Use and Maintenance of Police Vehicles

Victim's Right to Review Policy

Volunteer Reservist Forces Guidance

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