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Notes with regard to Section 11(6) Authorities

Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act enables the police to approve a place to enable to persons who are not shotgun certificate holders to shoot at artificial targets.

The authority under this section is issued by the Licensing Department for the area in which that place is situated.

Whilst the Act does not refer specifically to clay pigeon shooting, this is the most usual form of artificial target shooting using shotguns.

This exemption from certification applies ONLY to shotguns falling under section 2 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).

Any person under 15 using a shotgun must be supervised by a person of or over 21.(Firearms Act 1968, Section 22(3))

Prohibited persons as defined by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (if known) must not be permitted to be in possession of guns or ammunition.

The owners of any shotguns used on the site should bear in mind that the security of those guns remains solely their responsibility.


1. There should be a zone extending to 275 metres from the shooting point in the direction of fire, which should be clearly defined.

2. Shot, broken or whole clay targets should not land on any areas where the public have access, or where permission from the owner of the land has not been granted.

3. No person who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs should be allowed to shoot.

4. All guns should only be loaded when on the firing point.

5. Health & Safety regulations require that appropriate safety equipment must be made available to all parties requiring it.

6. Initial application for a site should be made a reasonable time before the first such event is to take place (preferably at least 4 weeks.)

7. The organiser must be in a position to accept responsibility for safety at the event, and should do so.

8. The organiser of such an event has a liability in law, and is advised to have an appropriate form of insurance to cover any accidents, third party liability, employers liability etc. depending on the circumstances.

9. The period of validity for the exemption may vary dependant on individual/club circumstances and specific requirements should be discussed in detail with the firearms licensing department.

10. You should be aware of the potential for noise pollution.

11. You should conduct a risk assessment for the activity.


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