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The Choir Today


The Committee
 Chairman  Kevin Griffiths
 Secretary  David Carver
 Treasurer         Michael Ireland
   Tim Limberger
   John Elliott
   Tom Fleming


List of Members
 Musical Director  Chris Hare
 Accompanist  Anne Allen
 Accompanist  Louise Buxton
 First Tenor  Ian Lilley
   Richard Brewster
   Tom Fleming
   Tony Davenport
   Steve Walker
  Marc Vastenavondt
  Rob Fletcher
 Second Tenor David Carver
  John Newsham
  Michael Ireland
  Mark Kohrs
  Kevin Griffiths
  Ken Barnes
  Jason Brown
Baritone Ellis Pugh
  Len Briddon
  Frank Norris
  Peter Bradley
  Chris Lamb
  Tim Limberger
  Ian Truby Ware
  Ron Payne
Bass John Cumpstone
  David Bott
  Eric Singleton
  Brian Norris
  Martin Evans
  Clive Titcombe
  John Elliott
  Len St John
  Malcolm Richardson
Tailoress Joan Greaves

The committee in detail


Kevin Griffiths

01332 606356

Kevin is a second tenor. He joined the choir in 2011 and joined the committee in 2012.

Kevin coordinates the choir’s  publicity and recruitment activities.





dave-c-comm-220Dave Carver
01332 881587

Dave is a second tenor since joining the choir in 2013.

He is also Assistant Music Librarian.










Michael Ireland

Michael is a second tenor. Michael joined the choir in 2008  and has served on the committee at various times.

He is also part of the Welfare team.









tom-flemingTom Fleming

Tom is a member of the top tenor section. Tom joined the choir on 2016 and joined the committee in 2017.








Tim Limberger

Tim is a Baritone. He joined the choir in 2015 and the committee in 2016.












John Elliott

John is a Bass and joined the choir in 2015. He is currently website co-ordinator and joined the committee in 2016.

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