Corporate Services

Corporate Services department works to help Derbyshire Constabulary progress as an organisation, while also supporting the force’s interests and those of the people it serves.

Our work includes support to the chief officers and police and crime commissioner. We also provide points of contact for external bodies, including the Home Office and the media, to give just two examples.

A further key role of the department is to support frontline policing. We develop strategies and policies, which support day-to-day operational policing. Additionally, we provide up-to-date performance management data to assist operational commanders in achieving national and local targets.

Headed by a police chief superintendent, we are a team of 27 full-time equivalent police officers and 89 police staff. There are five business areas - information management, performance and management information, service improvement, corporate communications and equality.

Corporate Communications provides support for the public and force through media interest and witness appeals, social media channels as well as ensuring the force’s internal and external websites are kept up-to-the-minute.

Our media team led the huge media response when the trial of Mick and Mairead Philpott and their friend Paul Mosley hit the headlines around the world for the killing of the Philpotts’ six children.

Our Moving Forward Programme has provided continuous improvement by reviewing our structures, the roles that our people undertake and our processes across the whole organisation.


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