Police Officer Vacancies

Police Officer Recruitment 2014

The May 2014 Police Officer Recruitment opportunity has now closed. All applicants who were invited to complete Stage 3 of the online sift, the Situational Judgement Test, have been contacted with the outcome of their application. 

The Process

The first part of the process was a compulsory online assessment which needed to be completed by all external applicants. This comprised of three stages:

Stage 1: Online registration and a questionnaire to check eligibility. (now closed)

Stage 2: Online test to assess whether the applicant has the skills to be a police officer (only accessible to successful applicants from Stage 1. This is now closed)

Stage 3: Online test to assess whether the applicant has the aptitude to be an excellent police officer (only accessible to those applicants who made it through the Stage 2 sift. This is now closed)

All candidates who demonstrated in Stage 1 that they were eligible to work as a police officer were invited to take the assessment test at Stage 2. As we only have a limited number of application forms to allocate for places on courses in 2015 onwards, we are looking for the best candidates. Those who score well on the Stage 2 test will be invited to continue to Stage 3 and those who score most highly on Stage 3 will be allocated an application form.

We we not able to accept applications from serving police officers to transfer to the Derbyshire Constabulary during this intake.

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