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FAQs from our Recruiters

Here are some of the frequently asked questions our recruiters receive and their advice on your queries.

Rachael, Force Operations Room Recruiter, recieves a lot of questions regarding:

"What are the shift patterns like for different roles, are they flexible?"

Working shifts is not for everyone, as the Operations Room needs 24 hours a day 365 days a year covering which could mean working through the night. Before applying for one of these roles please see some examples of typical shifts patterns to see if they can work around your lifestyle.

Sophie - Police Staff Recruiter

"What are the Monitoring and Marketing forms at the bottom of the application form used for?"

The monitoring form holds personal information about you, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, age. At Derbyshire Constabulary we strive to have a completely diverse workforce across all job roles and we use this information to track how we are achieving our aims.

The marketing form is where you heard about this job role, this enables us to be cost efficient and spend more of our time looking at the places where our adverts are most seen to make those better to attract more people to our force.

Shelley - Police Staff Recruiter

"Can application forms be posted to me?"

Unfortunately we cannot post application forms out to you, as we have a new online recruitment portal. At Derbyshire Constabulary we aim to be as environmentally friendly and cost efficient as possible, for this reason we have decided to go paperless and we no longer accept any forms in paper format.

Chloe - HR Services Officer

"How old do I have to be to work for the force, or am I too old?"

Police staff jobs require all applicants to be 18, if you are under 18 please have a look at our Police Cadets. We have no age maximum limit, if you are a retiring police officer you are also welcome to apply for our roles here.

Jane - Police Staff Recruiter

"What do I have to do to apply?"

To apply for our roles here, you need to go on our current vacancies page and select a job you wish to apply for; this will then redirect you to our on line recruitment portal. You then need to fill our application form, focussing on referring closely to the Job Description and evidencing the job essential and desirable criteria in your answers!

Brendan - Vetting Department

"What is the Vetting process?"

The vetting process is maintenance of the highest levels of honesty and integrity, and the prevention of corrupt; dishonest; unethical; or unprofessional behaviour. We carry out necessary checks into personal life; background, family members, and associates to ensure Derbyshire Constabulary employees are to the highest standard and can uphold our force values.

These checks can take 6-8 weeks (depending on the level of vetting needed for your job) because of the thorough research our checks need.

Shelley- Police Staff Recruiter

"What happens after I've submitted an application for a role?"

We will check eligibility and your application will be processed to the recruiting manager who will complete the shortlisting and undertake the assessment stage. Those candidates that have been successful will be processed through pre-employment checks.

Please see our recruitment process section here.

Maria - Police Staff Team Leader

‘If I have had absences in my previous employment will this affect my pre-employment checks?’

The force has a strict absence policy set criteria of no more than nine days and/or more than three separate occasions of sickness absence in the previous 12 months. However, special circumstances will be considered


Tom - Police Staff Recruiter

‘What qualifications do I need?’

For some professional roles there are particular requirements for relevant qualifications, and for other roles a good standard of general education and experience is required.


Sophie - Police Staff Recruiter

‘Do you have to request a reference from my current employer?’

This is part of our pre-employment checks here at Derbyshire Constabulary, we require the previous 3 years employment or education history (if you do not have these we will ask for a character reference.)

If you do not want us to contact your current employer until the other pre-employment checks have cleared please let us know.

Chloe - HR Services Officer

‘I have a criminal conviction, can I still apply?’

Eligibility will depend on the nature and circumstances of the offence. It is not possible to set out a full list of convictions that will preclude a person from joining the force. Each case will be considered on its own merits, and if the offence is deemed sufficiently serious a person will be rejected irrespective of age at time of offending. There may be circumstances where an individual does not fall within the criteria, but whose suspected involvement in crime, or criminal associations make an offer of employment inappropriate.




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