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Business Needs


ESP is a key 'marketable' enhancement to any corporate social responsibility programme for any employer. The positive publicity for such an innovative scheme can also be incredibly powerful for all concerned in showing an employer’s commitment to their staff and their customers, the public.

As well as making a direct contribution to policing in Derbyshire, a key benefit for an employer is police training for employees. All Special Constables receive in-depth training provided by Derbyshire Police, which includes a wide range of transferable skills including customer focus, problem solving, effective communication and team work which they then use in their usual job. Research reveals that it would cost companies £7,800 per employee to provide similar training.

All PSVs attend a corporate induction which covers: The structure of the organisation, standards of behaviour and dress, data protection, fire safety, equality and diversity, force values and commitments, security and systems, use of the duty management system and how to claim expenses. Following their induction all PSVs are issued with a force id card and given bespoke training dependent upon their role.

In addition to the benefits previously mentioned, employers, can experience financial benefits from supporting their staff to become Special Constables and PSVs.


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