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ESP Benefits


For employers

  • Staff will be more customer focused.
  • Improved staff confidence and motivation.
  • Greater staff retention, therefore lower recruitment costs.
  • Supporting your local community; demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Exercise the right to use Derbyshire Constabulary branding.
  • Employees will gain new skills during their training that can be transferred to the workplace; such as:

           - communication and negotiating effectively
           - conflict management and problem solving
           - time-management
           - leadership
           - assertiveness
           - first aid skills
           - staying calm under pressure
           - decision making
           - team building
           - leadership and management
           - responsibility

For employees

  • Personal development; as listed above, employees will gain a range of new skills and training.
  • CV – enhancing skills and training, valuable for career progression.
  • Satisfaction to be able to give something back to the community.
  • Employees will feel valued by an organisation to be given the opportunity, thus improving relationships with the employer.

For the police

  • Improved recruitment and a wider pool of available resources.
  • Potential rise in public reassurance and satisfaction.
  • More integration and engagement with communities and local businesses.
  • Partnership working in accordance with Section 17 Crime and Disorder Act 1998  

For the community

  • Increased direct engagement with local police.
  • Increased reassurance due to more visible policing on the streets.
  • Increased public confidence in the police.
  • Greater resources for tackling crime and disorder, resulting in lower levels of crime and a higher sense of security.
  • Community awareness of local companies and organisations supporting policing.


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