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Want to apply to become a Special Constable?

The recruitment process

You have now heard all about the role of a special, it’s now time to take the next step…

To become a Special Constable, you will need to be successful in our recruitment process. The following information will explain the recruitment process. If you have any questions please email:

Stage 1: Complete the application form via E-Recruitment

Complete the application form via E-Recruitment, but before you do, please read the guidance pack (attached on the right-hand side of this page)

This will give you some hints and tips to help you to complete the form. 

You will be asked to provide personal information as well as completing two competency-based questions. Please note that many candidates fail the application process simply because they do not give enough time and attention to the completion of the two competency based questions. Please adhere to the guidance and think very carefully about the examples you provide.

If you consider that you have a disability or learning difficulties such as dyslexia and require additional support or reasonable adjustment to assist you in completing the application please contact the recruitment team on

Stage 2: Assessment Centre

If you pass Stage 1, we will invite you to attend an assessment centre, which will incorporate a written exercise and a Force Group Exercise.

Stage 3: Pre-employment Checks

If you pass the assessment centre you will be put forward for the following checks:

Biometrics - this will involve taking fingerprints and a DNA sample and checks made against the appropriate databases. If you are successfully appointed, your DNA profiles and fingerprints will be held on the Police Elimination Database. If you are not appointed, all copies and records will be destroyed. If you refuse to give a sample we will not proceed with your application. 

Medical & Eyesight Checks - we will ask to you complete a medical questionnaire and attend a health assessment by our occupational health team. Eyesight is particularly important and you will need to have your eyes checked by an optician as part of your assessment.

Security vetting and Financial Checks - all candidates will be subject to the vetting procedures and financial checks. 

Drug Test - we also require you undertake drug screening; this will take the form of a hair sample. 

Fitness Test - has two parts - endurance and upper body strength.

  • Endurance - You will be asked to run to and fro along a 15 metre distance in time with a series of bleeps. The timing between bleeps is slow at first but the bleep becomes faster as the test progresses.
  • Upper body strength - Using a Dyno machine you will be asked to perform three warm up pushes, followed by five maximum effort pushes. The average score of these five max effort pushes will be taken. This is then repeated for the pull element, again on the Dyno machine. You will be given full instructions on the day of the test.

Stage 4: Formal Offer and Training

Once you have successfully completed all of the pre-employment checks you will be offered a place on the next training cohort.



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