Volunteering with Derbyshire Constabulary

A volunteer working at force headquarters.

Delivering a top quality service to the people of Derbyshire is a priority for police – and we are looking for volunteers to help us achieve just that.

The Police Support Volunteers scheme is an opportunity for members of the public who want to volunteer to get involved in policing and make a difference to their community. These roles are ideal for people who want to volunteer with us but do not want to wear a uniform to do it.

Being a Police Support Volunteer (PSV) means contributing some of your spare time in a wide variety of ways, working alongside police officers, PCSOs, Special Constables and police staff to protect the public and cut down crime.

Activities police are looking to fill range from viewing CCTV to supporting officers in crime prevention campaigns, and assisting with police training as a role actor.

The aim is to give people the chance to get involved with policing in Derbyshire, to help reduce the amount of time officers spend in the police station and to enhance the service we already provide.

It can also help your professional development, boost your CV, and give you an insight into policing in your area.

What activities can I take on?

DonaldGoudieBecoming a PSV provides opportunities for you to develop your skills and work as part of a team in a professional environment. PSVs bring a wide range of skills and experience, which add huge value to the work of our trained police officers and staff.

The volunteer activities we are looking to fill will provide you with fantastic opportunities to engage and interact with people from different backgrounds, and to give something incredibly valuable back to the community.

Activities are varied and include working alongside your area’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and helping them organise events and crime prevention campaigns, assisting with police training as a role actor, or monitoring CCTV cameras in your area to get hands-on with cutting crime.

Positions available

To see the current volunteering positions available within Derbyshire Constabulary, visit our e-recruitment portal.

Position details

Below is a list of volunteering roles that we have within Derbyshire Constabulary. Whilst not all of them are open for applications at the moment, read each one for the full details of what they might consist of.



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