Volunteer Role Actor for Police Training

RoleActorPageHeaderTraining police officers is not only important for their own personal safety but also improves the service we deliver to the community. Police officers are required to attend specific training courses dependant on their role. This volunteering activity provides an excellent opportunity to be an essential part of the training process.

Volunteers are required to assist in the training of police officers and carry out the role of civilians within the training environment. This may take the form of public order scenarios which may be physically demanding but at the same time most enjoyable.

Skills Required

The ability to speak professionally and in a confident manner is essential. Physical fitness will be a consideration depending on the training requirements.


The dates, times and durations of the exercises will vary, Volunteers will be notified in advance of the training dates and asked for their availability.


Headquarters Butterley Hall, Ripley and external venues as required (transport provided)

Core Hours

Daytimes as per the training requirements plus possible evening working as required

Vetting level


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