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Disability Hate Crime

A disablist incident is any incident that is perceived to be aimed at a person because of their disability or impairment by the victim or any other person.

The following are all examples of disablist incidents, which would be recorded by the police:

A person is assaulted physically. The offender did this because they thought that person had a mental health problem. Whether the victim had a mental health problem or not, this will be classed as a disablist incident.

The home of a disabled person has eggs thrown at the window. The person believes the eggs were thrown because they are disabled. Even if the police can never prove whether or not the eggs were thrown because the person is disabled, this will still be recorded as a disablist incident.

A crime is reported by a member of the public. Due to the location, the nature of the crime or local intelligence, the officer investigating believes it might be disablist. This crime will therefore be recorded as a disablist incident.

Why you should report it

Reporting a disablist incident means you help the police to build up patterns of crime and apprehend offenders. Any information you can give us will help us build up our knowledge.

What you know may provide us with the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

A name, address or a description of someone who commits a hate crime will enable us to target criminals and stop the abuse.

Left unreported, the offenders are free to commit similar crimes again. Indeed, many offenders consider people with a disability an easy target. Your report may prevent it from happening to someone else.

We take disablist incidents seriously. If someone you know is a victim, or if you are a witness, then please report it.

No incident is trivial.

Privacy and confidentiality

All reports of disablist incidents will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Report a hate crime

Visit our main Hate Crime page to find out information on how to report a hate crime.

Useful organisations

Below are contact details for other organisations who operate across Derbyshire:

Disability Direct

Provides an advice and information service for disabled people.

Telephone: 01332 299 449

Minicom: 01332 365 855

Fax: 01332 365 055


Derby Deaf Forum

Promotes equality for deaf people.

Fax: 01332 758 188


Derbyshire Association for Blind People

Promotes equality for visually impaired people.

Telephone/Fax: 01332 292 262


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