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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Hadfield and Tintwistle, and the rural area north of Glossop. It belongs to the B North policing section.Hadfield is a mainly residential neighbourhood located within the High Peak Borough Council area, approximately three miles from Glossop Town Centre and 15 miles from Manchester City Centre. Station Road is considered the centre of Hadfield. Only about a mile away from Station Road is the village of Tintwistle which is much smaller than Hadfield.Our Safer Neighbourhood office at 1-3 Mersey Bank Road, Hadfield, is open for residents to drop in when any members of the team are on duty.

Team Members


PC 14188 StephenBennett

Brian Buller

PCSO 4415 Brian Buller

Tracey Collins

PCSO 3843 Tracey Collins

Amy Mckeever

PCSO 12763 Amy Mckeever

These priorities were agreed with your team at your last Safer Neighbourhoods meeting. These meetings are open to everybody and allow you to affect what you feel needs addressing in your area.

Actions and outcomes from previous priorities


Raise awareness of the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the area and take action against any offences.

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 20/08/2012
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increased police patrols to advise youngsters and take enforcement action where necessary.
  • Worked with Derbyshire Youth Services to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs.
  • Visited schools to give talks on the impact of drug misuse.

Nuisance behaviour and damage at Chapel Lane park and Newshaw Lane park

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 21/05/2012
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increased patrols to speak to and advise youngsters.
  • Worked with other organisations to promote diversionary activities.
  • Liaised with local councils and organisations to look at potential longer term solutions to prevent and reduce incidents.
  • Encouraged local residents to report any incidents to us by calling 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police

Nuisance behaviour and damage on Green Lane, Hadfield

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 21/05/2012
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increased patrols to speak to and advise youngsters.
  • Worked with local authorities and businesses to use CCTV footage to identify anyone causing a nuisance.
  • Appropiate action taken against any offenders.
  • Liaised with local councils and housing organisations to look at potential longer term solutions to prevent and reduce incidents.

Burglaries and targeting the stolen goods market

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 20/08/2012
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increased police patrols to offer reassurance and target any offenders.
  • Residents were advised about the implications of buying stolen goods and were encouraged to contact police about any suspicious activity or the sale of potential stolen property.

Tackle graffiti at Crowden camping and caravan site toilet blocks

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 19/11/2012
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • The graffiti problems at the toilet block improved significantly after an increase in police patrols and general engagement with visitors and local people.
  • Electric doors were fitted by staff at the site, which close and lock automatically at night and have also helped prevent the problems.
  • This priority profile was closed at the Safer Neighbourhood team meeting held on Tuesday, February 19 at Hadfield Hall.

Operation Torpedo - tackling burglaries across the Glossop area by travelling criminals

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 19/02/2013
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Operation Torpedo 2 followed on from a previous police campaign targeting travelling criminals who are committing burglaries in the Glossop area, including across Hadfield.
  • The campaign, in partnership with GMP, targeted the problem by making it harder for criminals to travel through the area. This included using cameras that can track suspect vehicles across the area so officers can intercept them.
  • Police also boosted patrols at key times and headed out into the community to offer crime prevention advice and tips to residents on how they could protect their property better. A 'footprint' leaflet campaign also saw officers posting the leaflets through insecure doors or windows, alerting the homeowner that their home could just as easily have been targeted by a burglar, and offering advice on how to prevent that happening.
  • Members of the public were encouraged to call police if they saw anything suspicious, and many were signed up to Derbyshire Alert, a free police messaging service that keeps them in the loop about crime trends and incidents.
  • This operation ended in the autumn months of 2013.

Speeding in the Ehlinger Avenue area of Hadfield

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 04/10/2013
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Officers worked with partner agencies to assess the extent of the problem and to clamp down on speeding motorists and nuisance drivers.
  • Community Speed Watch events were carried out in the area, with warnings and fines issued to anyone found breaking the limit.
  • Officers teamed up with partner agencies to carry out Operation Safedrive events in the area.

Neighbourhood Newsletter

After every Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Meeting, we produce a newsletter highlighting the work our Safer Neighbourhoods team has done in your area.

This work is as a result of what you said you would like your team to look at during the meeting.

How you can take action

  • Go to a Safer Neighbourhoods meeting
  • Report a crime
  • Join our Key Individual Network (KIN)
  • Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme or start your own.
  • Get more information about your area with our Community Messaging Service.
  • Contact your local council to find out more about community safety schemes in your area.
  • Read Derbyshire County Council's Community Profile for your area.
  • Spend a day on the beat with an officer with our Community Involvement Scheme
  • Become a Special Constable
  • Give us feedback on how we're performing in your area.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants

Photo: Sergeant 1967 PhilBooth
  • Sergeant 1967 PhilBooth

I am Sergeant 1967 Phil Booth and I have responsibility for this Safer Neighbourhood team.

I have been a police officer in Derbyshire since 1995 and have covered a wide range of roles in that time, including response Sergeant in Buxton and six and a half years as a traffic Sergeant.

My priority for the area is to address the specific concerns of the local community and to build on the already positive relationship we have with our partners. I also want to foster new relationships with community groups in the area, to see how we can work together to better serve the people who live here.

Safer Neighbourhood Meetings

Safer Neighbourhood meetings give you the opportunity to set the agenda in your area and help implement lasting solutions.

Crime Information


Crime Mapping allows us to show you where crime is happening at a local level, so we can better engage with our communities and help them determine how best to police the area they live in.