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Frank Burns 
Inspector Frank Burns
Section Inspector for this section

Welcome to the Bolsover Policing Section.

Local police officers work closely with local partners, in particular with Bolsover District Council.


It’s been a little over a year now (June 2014) since I started at Bolsover Policing Section and it has been very a busy time. The officers and staff who work here have been excellent, embracing new ideas at the same time sticking to good old fashioned policing. I get a real sense of pride from the people who live in the area and there is a real community spirit. I have noticed how much people genuinely care about crime and anti-social behaviour and how they want to continue making the area a better place to live.

Despite the challenging times faced in policing these days we have managed to secure another year of crime reduction (-6%) on the back of the previous 10 years or reductions. Last year we had 186 fewer victims of crime and two months into this year have seen continued reductions, with 100 fewer victims of crime so far. I put this down to a number of factors including targeting individuals who we know regularly commit crimes, ensuring we patrol areas we assess as being vulnerable, carry out work alongside partners to resolve problems and by ensuring officers receive support in training and development.

The most important factor in this success though has been the support we have in the community. With your eyes and ears we are able to hold to account those responsible for crime and anti-social behaviour. This year we have really focussed our attention in engaging with our communities. Officers have received more training in customer service and now achieve high levels of victim satisfaction, and the team are rightfully proud of this. The knock on effect is that the community feels more confident and reassured and so tell us more which in turn allows us to do our job in bringing those responsible to justice.

Recently we have introduced social media in the form of Twitter for all the Safer Neighbourhood policing teams (SNTs). Although it’s still early days a notable success of Twitter was the arrest of two individuals in Clowne for a spree of graffiti and this success was brought about by local people using the power of social media, which I genuinely feel is the way forward for policing. We can be at the forefront by working together to prevent crime. Please support the Twitter campaign by following your local SNT, the more followers we have the more we will learn and develop how best to use this powerful network to the benefit of the community. Please click here for further details|

These sorts of activities send a clear message to criminals that this community will not accept people breaking the law or being anti-social and is prepared to do something about it.

Looking to the year ahead I am confident we will continue to see reductions in crime but as I said earlier we cannot do this alone we need the community to continue supporting us.

Thank-you for your continued help and support,

Inspector Frank Burns