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Bolsover Policing Section

Frank Burns 
Inspector Frank Burns
Section Inspector for this section

Welcome to the Bolsover Policing Section.

Local police officers work closely with local partners, in particular with Bolsover District Council.



Bolsover section is committed to providing a timely, quality police service which tackles criminality and anti-social behaviour in our communities and brings the offenders to justice. We aim to protect the vulnerable and offer a value for money service.

During the last ten years we have seen crime rates fall and last year was no exception with approximately 160 less victims of crime. Whilst crime has fallen we have seen an increase in our detection rate. I believe that the reason for this performance is largely due to the commitment of Bolsover police officers, our partnership working and the help of the local community.

During the next 12 months, I endeavour to maintain this level of commitment to the people of Bolsover district and ensure this area remains a safe and pleasant place to reside, work and socialize.