The spire at Chesterfield

Chesterfield, NE Derbys, Amber Valley & Bolsover

 Debbie Mathews
Divisional Commander
Debbie Mathews
Senior officer for this area

Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Amber Valley and Bolsover is a general description for this area. In policing terms, it is referred to as 'C Division'.

It covers Chesterfield, Clay Cross, Dronfield, Staveley and surroundings. It includes many parts of Bolsover District Council and also covers the Amber Valley area, including Ripley, Belper and Alfreton amongst others.

'C Division' is a rich mixture of towns, old mining communities and rural locations, it covers the district/borough council areas of Chesterfield, Bolsover, North East Derbyshire and Amber Valley with a total population of around 400,000 people.  Policing is carried out using a combination of reactive, neighbourhood and investigative teams, and our priorities are focused on the community we serve in line with our values of integrity, respect, performance, responsibility and innovation.

They are:

  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Attacking criminality
  • Reducing and detecting crime(including anti - social behaviour)
  • Being visible and providing reassurance to communities
  • Providing value for money in everything we do

Partnership working is very important to us, the police alone cannot tackle all the issues which can threaten the safety of individuals and communities.

Our policing sections mirror the district/borough council areas, each is headed by an inspector who is responsible for the day-to-day policing in that community, which is undertaken from local police stations.

I am keen to ensure that the service we deliver is of the highest standard possible. Whilst this division has not escaped from the public service cuts, I will do everything I possibly can to ensure that the public receive the service they need.

Debbie Mathews
Divisional Commander