Police advise on home security ahead of the holiday season

Posted on 16th May 2013

Police in D Division are reminding householders, ahead of the summer holiday season of the need to consider their home security if they are planning to get away.

Officers are urging people to ensure they properly secure their homes before heading away and also to let neighbours, friends and family know they will be absent and ask them to keep an eye out on their home.

This time of year sees opportunist thieves looking for homes which look empty, particularly where they display tell tale signs of the householder being on holiday.

Superintendent Gary Parkin, Head of Operations on D Division which incorporates Derby, Erewash and South Derbyshire said:” It is very simple advice but an area that we feel needs attention as the holiday season begins.

“Raising awareness with the public about this type of security hopefully means a reduction in the number of burglaries that may occur because of a home insecurity.

“The distress that is caused from a burglary at home is the last thing you need especially when you return from a holiday. Putting some simple steps in place will help to reduce the chance of it happening.

“When planning your annual holiday there are many things to consider, packing cases, passports and flight tickets but don’t forget, have I done everything to make my house as secure as possible.

“If you need any crime prevention advice please contact officers from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team who will be more than happy to talk you through the security measures you can take.”

To reduce the risk of a burglary while you are on holiday, make sure you:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked
  • Remove any ladders or bins that could potentially be used to access your home
  • Keep side or entry gates locked
  • Secure any outbuildings, garages or sheds
  • Make sure you use an alarm system and or CCTV if you have it installed
  • Hide valuable items
  • Property mark your valuables  
  • Make arrangements for your post  
  • Tell a neighbour/friend  
  • Cut the lawns  
  • Set timer switches on lights and/or radio. 
  • On your journey avoid displaying your name and address on your luggage. Put your address inside the case to help identification if the luggage is lost.

For further advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team on the non emergency number 101 or visit: www.derbyshire.police.uk

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