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Advice following concerns about parking in Alfreton

Posted on 27th January 2017

Our Safer Neighbourhood officers are raising awareness and offering advice following complaints about parking in Alfreton.

Residents on Wood Street have told us they are concerned about parked cars on the street affecting road safety, making it difficult for people to get on and off driveways, and there being no room for residents to park.

Some motorists who have parked on the street have also reported damage, but officers have been unable to find out what caused the damage.

PCSO Meikel Miller said: “We have had a number of complaints relating to parking issues on Wood Street, a narrow cul-de-sac where there are a number of houses, some which have driveways, not too far away from the local railway station.

“It appears commuters have been parking their cars there and walking to the station, leaving their vehicles from early in the morning until late in the evening. Some homes also have more than one car and there isn’t always enough space to allow everyone to park outside their own house.

“The street also becomes narrower if vehicles are parked on both sides, and it can be more difficult for people to get on and off their driveways.”

She added: “As there are no legal restrictions on this street, all we can ask is that people are considerate when they park. Drivers should not block a drop kerb in front of someone’s driveway, as this is an offence, and we would ask drivers to make sure they leave enough space on pavements for pushchairs or wheel chairs to get past, and enough space on the road for an emergency vehicle to get through.

“I would also remind residents that, although they may feel frustrated, there are no restrictions and no designated parking spaces. Any member of the public can park providing they do not cause obstructions.

“It might be worth speaking with your neighbours to consider potential solutions which might meet the needs of all local residents.”

Officers from the Alfreton Town Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are carrying out patrols in the area.

To contact the team call 101 or email You can also follow them on Twitter: @AlfretonTownSNT.

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