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Kilburn officers head back to class to host online safety talk

Posted on 25th February 2015


Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood officers have teamed up to chat to Denby pupils about the importance of staying safe online.

PC Neil Hopwell and PCSO John Midgley paid a visit to the youngsters at Street Lane Primary School, Denby to chat to the group about how they can take steps to enjoy using the internet safely.

The team spoke to the Key Stage one and two youngsters, aged between four and 11-years-old, during their Safer Internet Day project on Wednesday, February 18. 

PCSO John Midgley from the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Visits such as this are a great way for us to chat to the group about what they can do to stay safe whilst still enjoying the online experience.

 “Not only are we able to educate the children around safety messages during these visits, it also helps us build a rapport up with the children so that they can recognise us out of school when they see us on patrol.

“The children seemed to really enjoy the presentation and we hope to hold future presentations for both the pupils and their parents.”

Class Teacher Johanna Mattich added: “Ensuring that the children we teach are fully aware of how to keep safe when using the internet both in school and at home is of upmost importance at Street Lane Primary.

“We aim to ensure that e-safety is firmly embedded across all areas of the curriculum when using computer technology. In light of the emphasis placed on e-safety in the new curriculum, our e-safety afternoon was a great opportunity for us to continue to raise awareness of keeping safe.

“Our annual e-safety afternoon was held in aid of Safer Internet Day and this years’ was a real success with the support of PC Hopwell and PC Midgley who came along to hold an e-safety talk.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and took part in a variety of activities including creating online pledges and playing e-safety dilemma games. The children particularly enjoyed the opportunity to ask the police officers some excellent, well thought out questions and have their knowledge tested!"

To find out more about what you can do to stay safe online, call the team on 101, or visit:

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