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Kilburn officers team up with local children as Team Travel Smart assemble

Posted on 27th February 2015


Pupils team up with Headteacher Tracey Gill, Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood officers at Rob Bounds at Derbyshire County Council to form team Travel Smart.

Pupils have joined forces with their local Safer Neighbourhood officers to defeat the traffic trouble makers around Denby Free Primary School.

PC Neil Hopwell and PCSO John Midgley from the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team visited the pupils as part of their project around using their Travel Smart superhero powers to boost road safety.

A main issue was around motorists parking outside the school along the double yellow lines, making it difficult for other road users, such as emergency service vehicles, to drive by, and blocking the view for parents and children to cross the road safely.  

To help defeat these problems children at Denby Free Primary have teamed up with their local Safer Neighbourhood officers and Derbyshire County Council’s Sustainable Travel Team to become Travel Smart superheroes.

Children who walk to school are ‘Super Striders’, while those who arrive by bike or scooter are ‘Wonder Wheelers’. Even those who travel by car can help by giving a lift to others like ‘Captain Carshare’ or being a ‘Perfect Parker’ and parking away from school.

Headteacher Tracey Gill explains, “The children love the idea of teaming up with the police and having superhero powers that can make a real difference to how children travel to school.

“By being Travel Smart superheroes the children are getting more exercise, helping to reduce congestion and contributing towards reducing pollution – so everyone benefits.”

PCSO John Midgley from the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team added: “We are thrilled to have the support of pupils and parents at Denby Free Primary School to join Team Travel Smart as we try to help keep the roads around school safe for everyone.

“Not only are we able to educate the children around safety messages during these visits, it also helps us build a rapport up with the children so that they can recognise us out of school when they see us on patrol.”

The schools superhero efforts have also been recognised nationally with the school receiving a Bronze Modeshift Sustainable Travel and Recognition for Schools Award (STARS) for promoting active and environmentally friendly ways of travelling to school.

To speak to the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team call 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police.

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