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Two new PCSOs join policing teams in the Shipley, Smalley, Horsley, Heanor and Loscoe areas

Posted on 26th September 2017
New PCSOs Heanor- Sept 17

Two new Police Community Support Officers have joined the policing teams walking the streets in the Heanor, Loscoe, Shipley, Smalley and Horsley areas.

PCSOs David Mott and Thomas Shale are the latest members of the Heanor and Loscoe, and the Shipley, Smalley and Horsley Safer Neighbourhood policing teams.

Both officers first started their training in June but have been stepping out and about since August, meeting community members and finding out about local issues.

A former builder by trade, David became interested in a role with the police after several years of volunteering for the Derbyshire Appropriate Adult Service, which helps juveniles, people with learning disabilities or suffering mental health issues who come into contact with the police.

He said: “I’d been considering applying for some time as I was interested in the work the police do and wanted to do more to help the public.

“I’ve been really enjoying getting out into the community; you come across some of the worst and some of the best scenarios and meet different people from all walks of life. I’ve found most people really appreciate the police presence and I’m pleased to be part of that.”

Before becoming a PCSO, Thomas, worked as a driver for Tesco, delivering people’s online shopping orders to their homes, and also volunteered as a Special Constable for a few years.

He said: “Having volunteered as a Special Constable, I had a good idea of the role and work of the police. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and in customer service so I’m really looking forward to being able to help the community as part of my role.”

The Heanor and Shipley, Smalley and Horsley Safer Neighbourhood policing teams now include PCs Lorna Dashfield, Sam King and Cameron Harvey, and PCSOs Jenny Lorrimer, David Mott and Thomas Shale.

To contact the team call 101, or send them a message online through the My Local Police pages of the website by clicking here.

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