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Shipley, Smalley and Horsley

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Shipley, Smalley, Mapperley, Horsley, Horsley Woodhouse and Coxbench. It belongs to the Amber Valley policing section. The area also encompasses Shipley Country Park. It is located in the Amber Valley Borough Council area but borders on the Erewash Borough Council area. It is predominantly a rural location situated between the towns of Ilkeston and Heanor.

Team Members

Lorna Dashfield

PC 2778 Lorna Dashfield

Jennifer Lorimer- Heanor and Langley Mill

PCSO 4507 Jennifer Lorimer- Heanor and Langley Mill

Thomas Shale

PCSO 12811 Thomas Shale

David Mott

PCSO 12818 David Mott

These priorities were set by your team following community feedback. Contact your team in person, by phone or online to let them know your priorities.

Your current priorities for this neighbourhood


Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and nuisance vehicles at Shipley Country Park

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 10/03/2016
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Officers will be increasing patrols in key areas and speaking to anyone found to be causing anti-social or nuisance behaviour.
  • They will be advising drivers about the issue and chatting to them about the effects that their behaviour may have on the local community.
  • Enforcement action will be taken where necessary including issuing Section 59 warnings and Fixed Penalty Notices.
  • Working with Park Rangers to reduce the number of issues.
  • Officers are encouraging residents to report any issues by calling 101.

Actions and outcomes from previous priorities


Nuisance motorbikes around Shipley Park and Main Rd/Bell Lane, Smalley

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 03/10/2013
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Regular patrols to key areas and places where there are reports of nuisance bikes.
  • Residents encouraged to contact police to report any incidents or information they may think is relevant.
  • Advised motorbike riders in the area.
  • Section 59 warnings issued as appropriate and bikes seized where necessary.
  • Worked closely with partnership agencies to take a joint approach in finding longer term solutions to issues of anti-social behaviour affecting the community.

Anti-social Behaviour and nuisance vehicles on Long Lane, Shipley

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 05/04/2014
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increased police patrols.
  • Advised any groups gathering in the area about the issue.
  • Appropriate action taken where necessary, including seizing alcohol from underage drinkers, sending out warning letters, setting up Acceptable Behaviour Contracts or arrest where necessary.
  • Issued Section 59 warnings where appropriate and seized vehicles if necessary.
  • Worked alongside partnership agencies to find longer term solutions to the issue.

Graffiti and damage to play areas at Shipley Park

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 05/04/2014
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Regular patrols carried out to the park and play areas.
  • Appropriate action taken against anyone found causing damage or graffiti.
  • Advised local young people about the issue.
  • Worked with our partner agencies to help target the issue and find a longer term solution.

Inconsiderate parking outside schools across the area

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 05/04/2014
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Police patrols carried out at schools during start and finish times.
  • Advised drivers and parents to park safely and with consideration to local residents.
  • Worked with schools to encourage parents to park safely and with consideration.
  • Helped to educate youngsters about road safety.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants

Photo: Sergeant 2701 Mark Weldon
  • Sergeant 2701 Mark Weldon

I am Sergeant 2701 Mark Weldon and I am responsible for this Safer Neighbourhood policing team.

I am committed to providing a high quality service to the public by ensuring my teams are visible, approachable and work alongside partner agencies to target problems affecting the local community. My priorities are to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.

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