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Theatre show brings internet safety and cyber bullying into the spotlight for youngsters in Chesterfield

Posted on 10th February 2017

Internet safety and cyber bullying are being brought into the spotlight for youngsters as an educational theatre show tours 24 primary schools in the Chesterfield area.

The ‘Escape’ play and interactive workshop by the Saltmine Theatre Company has been funded by Derbyshire Constabulary and Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership for the area to help get the message to youngsters about how to stay safe online and the dangers of sharing personal information and photos.

It is supported by The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and aims to teach the rules of the internet in a fun and accessible way to children, covering topics including cyber bullying, the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet and taking care of your personal details.

The story is about Sarah Thompson, a girl who lives on the edge of an enchanted forest. On her eleventh birthday she is allowed to enter for the first time on her own but has to follow three rules to keep her safe and away from the dangerous wolves.

Each performance is targeted to eight to 11 year old pupils, is followed up by an educational workshop, where the children are encouraged to discuss the key messages behind the play, and it has already been trialled in some schools in the Amber Valley and Bolsover.

Parents also receive a cyber safety leaflet which reinforces the key internet safety messages of ‘Escape’ and provides useful information they can share and discuss with their child to encourage them to stay safe online.

The three key cyber-safety rules are:

  • Never leave the ‘Forest Path’ or  go anywhere with anyone you meet in the ‘Forest’ (i.e. don’t visit unsafe websites).
  • Never give out your name, telephone number or address.
  • If you ever feel worried or scared, call for an adult that you trust.

Sgt. Dave Harrison, of the Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership, said: “The internet and social media is now a big part of our daily lives, and children are embracing new technologies at a much earlier age. This has many benefits but it is also important to ensure youngsters know how to stay safe whilst online.

“These performances in primary schools are designed to help children understand the impact of cyber bullying. We also hope parents will follow up by speaking to their youngsters and offering advice at home.”

Councillor Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for health and wellbeing said: “The majority of children will have access to the internet these days so it is important that they know the rules on how to say safe online.

“I hope that through these sessions, local children are able to know the risks, stay safe and if they are worried, know to tell an adult straight away.”

You can find out more about the Saltmine Theatre Company and their ‘Theatre in Education’programme by visiting the website:

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