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All's wool that ends wool in Alpaca incident in Poolsbrook

Posted on 14th October 2018
Poolsbrook Alpacas incident - Oct 18

One of our PCSOs has been helping to feed and check over three Alpacas, after attending a report of a dog attacking them at a farm in Poolsbrook.

The farmer had called the police after a dog had got into the field where the Alpacas were grazing, chased and worried them during the afternoon of Saturday, October 6.

PCSO Janis Naylor dropped by and she got hands on by helping to feed Rupert, Jacob and Oswald to allow the owner to get a closer look for any injuries.

She said: “The dog’s owner called to see the farmer to apologise as their dog had escaped into the field, and offered to cover any expenses if the Alpacas had been injured at all.

“While I was there the owner was keen to check them over, so I helped by feeding them so they would stand up and allow the owner to take a good look. Fortunately they seemed ok, but a little subdued by the incident but both the dog and alpaca owners shared their details in case there were any issues.”

PCSO Naylor added: “It was lovely to meet Rupert, Jacob and Oswald and it’s not every day you get the pleasure of feeding some Alpacas, but all in a day’s work after all.”

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