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Order to reduce alcohol-related ASB in Chesterfield

Posted on 7th April 2011

An area of south Chesterfield is set to become subject to an order allowing police officers to confiscate alcohol from adults.

A Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) is being introduced by Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership from Monday, April 11, covering Birdholme, St Augustine’s, Grangewood and Boythorpe.

The order, which covers Queen’s Park, St Augustine’s Road, Bacon’s Lane and Birdholme Park – known locally as The Washlands, is aimed at reducing alcohol related anti-social behaviour.  

The Community Safety Partnership initially started to look into a DPPO for Queen’s Park after staff and residents reported that large groups of people with alcohol often gathered in the area with the drinking leading to abuse, criminal damage and littering.

The area to be covered by the order was extended after residents told the police and council workers that the drinking of alcohol in public was blighting their lives and they would welcome action to stop it. The police fully support the application. 

Introduction of the order does not mean it will be an offence to consume alcohol within the area, but, if a police officer requests that someone in a public place stop drinking and hand over the alcohol and they fail to do so they would be breaking the law. Failure to comply could result in arrest and a fine of up to £500.

The order also gives police officers the right to remove anything they "reasonably suspect to be alcohol", such as soft drinks laced with spirits in order to disguise them.

Trevor Durham, Safer Neighbourhoods Officer with the Community Safety Partnership, said:“The DPPO will help the police and the partnership to tackle drink-related anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents occurring within the area concerned.

“From the comments made to us by residents and users of the various parks in the area during our consultation, it will also help to reduce fear of crime and improve confidence in the area.

“We listened to what people living and working in this area said and we have acted accordingly.”

Signs have been erected showing that the area is subject to a DPPO and what that means.

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