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Lines painted around cash machines in Staveley to encourage privacy and safety

Posted on 29th May 2014

Lines painted around cash machines in Staveley to encourage privacy and safetyLines have been painted around cash machines in Staveley town centre to encourage privacy and to help users be more aware of anyone standing nearby.

Officers from the Staveley Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, together with Staveley Town Council, organised for the boxes to be drawn on the pavement following a number of suspicious incidents around ATMs over the past few months.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant Colin McInulty said: “A number of cash machines in Staveley have been targeted in the past with people looking over shoulders to obtain pin numbers, and the purse later stolen while the victim is shopping.

“We really hope that these boxes with help people, especially older or more vulnerable residents, to be aware of anyone who may be stood too closely, and to take more notice of their surroundings while using cash machines.

“I would also advise that people stay alert while shopping, and to make sure they know where their purse is at all times. It is easy to become distracted while browsing the shelves in supermarkets and stores, which then makes it easier for someone to steal your belongings, especially if it is left unattended in a trolley.”

There have also been incidents where skimming devices and cameras have also been fitted to cash machines in the area.

The most recent was reported to police at about 4.50pm on Sunday, April 27 by a woman who had discovered a suspicious device on a cash machine on Church Street while trying to retrieve her card.

No money was taken and the devices were recovered by police. Enquiries are currently on-going.

Sgt. McInulty added: “If your card is taken by a cash machine, make sure you contact the bank immediately to make them aware of what has happened. If you notice anything suspicious about a machine then please contact the police and stay with the machine if possible until any devices are recovered.”

Anyone with information should contact Derbyshire police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

You can also contact for the Staveley Safer Neighbourhood policing team on 101, by emailing or follow them on Twitter: @StaveleySNT.

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