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Speeding motorists targeted as part of policing priorities in New Whittington

Posted on 9th December 2014

Officers from the Whittington and Barrow Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team have been heading out on the beat to put the brakes on speeding vehicles in the area.

The team carried out a Community Speed Watch event along Handley Road in New Whittington during the morning of Friday, December 5.

A mobile speed detection device was used to catch drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit and to highlight the importance of safe and considerate driving on the roads.

The checks took place following reports from local residents of motorists speeding through the area, particularly during their morning commute.  

PCSO Sheila Rooksby and PCSO Claire Wikeley from the Whittington and Barrow Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team have been targeting drivers exceeding the limit after setting the issue as their policing priority.

The current priorities for the area see the team focusing on speeding vehicles along Handley Road, New Whittington and tackling parking problems around Mary Swanwick Primary School and New Whittington Primary School.

Over the last six weeks, officers have been teaming up with children from New Whittington Primary School and Mary Swanick Primary School as part of a Speed Watch initiative to identify speeding motorists, along with educating the children on issues around road safety. 

The policing team have also visited the schools on a number of occasions to carry out school parking patrols. These have taken place around Mary Swanick Primary School and along London Road and Glasshouse Lane to speak to motorists about considerate parking.

Have your say on community concerns and help to set the policing priorities for your area by attending the next Community Panel Meeting.

The Whittington and Barrow Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team will be hosting their meeting on Monday, January 5. The meeting will take place at St Patrick's Church Hall on High Street, New Whittington and will run from 1.30pm.

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