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Police offer advice following non-dwelling burglaries in Ashbourne

Posted on 10th February 2014

Officers are actively encouraging residents in Ashbourne to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to police following a number of non-dwelling burglaries in the area.

The Ashbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team are focusing on theft from sheds, garages and other outbuildings after setting the issue as their current neighbourhood priority following recent incidents.

Incidents have involved forced entries into sheds, garages and outhouses overnight where bicycles and power tools are being targeted.

As part of the crackdown, the team will be heading out on targeted patrols and are also encouraging homeowners to increase their security to help protect their property from being targeted by thieves.

Officers are urging residents to ensure that outbuildings, sheds and garages are properly secure and that valuable items are kept out of view

Sergeant Denis Murphy from the Ashbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Intensive investigative efforts are under way with regard to the reported offences and we are working hard with our partners to look at ways of preventing further crimes.

“I want to encourage the community to develop that “curtain twitching” culture that many of us will remember from our youth, and not to think twice about reporting suspicious activity, people and vehicles.

“People may doubt the information’s importance or perhaps feel that they are wasting our time but it may be that this information could be the vital missing piece in solving crimes, apprehending offenders and recovering property.

“Ashbourne is a safe place to live, work and visit and we aim to keep it that way. However, we can’t tackle this on our own and we are looking to the community to work with us and to pass on information about suspicious activity.”

Residents from Ashbourne and surrounding areas are invited to attend an upcoming Smart Water Multi-Agency initiative which will be held on Friday, February 28 from Kniveton Village to mark up their property.  

To find out more, call your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team on 101.

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