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Praise for police, Neighbourhood Watch and volunteers for dedicated rave and nuisance patrols in the Derbyshire Dales

Posted on 25th October 2018

Residents in the Derbyshire Dales have praised a joint initiative by police, Neighbourhood Watch and community volunteers to prevent or disrupt illegal raves and nuisance in the Peak District.

The initiative took place over 15 weeks during the summer and saw Special Constables, Neighbourhood Watch members park rangers and officers from our rural crime team alongside regular police officers on patrols of areas identified with a potential risk for an illegal gathering or party.

They were set up to help in response to community concerns around noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour, safety and crime.

Inspector Daron Abbott, who is in charge of policing in the Derbyshire Dales said: “The Derbyshire Dales is a place of natural beauty and attracts visitors from across the world who enjoy the scenery and activities that are on offer. The fantastic summer weather also added to this attraction. However, this can also mean it can be a target for unlicensed music events which are held at night and on private land without the owner’s permission.

“While it may seem that the event is in a remote location, and away from the public, the geography of the area can act as the funnel and carry the noise many miles to local villages, which causes anti-social behaviour and disruption to the lives of local residents.”

“There is also the safety aspect to consider, with young people travelling from across the country along fast, unlit roads and onto open land where there may be deep water, steep drops, abandoned mine shafts or other dangers. The events have no health and safety considerations, no medical provisions and no security.”

As part of the patrols, volunteers would relay information about any suspicious activity, or information, to help officers locate vehicles or anyone thought to be heading to a rave, or committing crime.

Any persons identified as travelling to a rave would be directed away and warned if they returned further action would be taken including the usage of Community Protection Warnings and notices.

These warnings and notices carry directions controlling the behaviour of the person they relate to, for example, they could be prohibited from entering Derbyshire.

Insp. Abbott added: “The initiative is about helping to prevent events from taking place in the first place. We also continue to liaise with partner agencies and land owners about the issue, and to look at longer term solutions.

“Before starting the patrols, residents were reporting rave related incidents almost every weekend, which reduced to virtually none over the course of the initiative and this clearly had a positive impact upon the quality of life for local residents, as well as potentially preventing serious harm or criminality in the Derbyshire Dales.

“I would like to offer my thanks to all those who volunteered and worked with my teams to help us target the issue. The initiative has shown to be a success which will be considered again in the future.”

Jon Rawlinson, of Baslow Neighbourhood Watch, coordinated Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and members during the initiative. If you would like to help for future campaigns you can contact him by emailing baslowneighbourhoodwatch@gmail.com.

You can find out more and follow the work of the Derbyshire Rural Crime Team on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ruralcrimeteam or on Twitter, @DerbyshireRCT.

If you notice any suspicious activity or have any information in connection to an illegal rave please get in touch using one of the following non-emergency contact methods.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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