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Man summoned to court for trading without a pedlar's certificate in Taddington

Posted on 24th July 2017
Stanton Taddington no pedlars certificate- Jul 17

A man has been summoned to court for trading without a pedlar’s certificate in Taddington.

PC Linda Hancock of the local Safer Neighbourhood policing team was on patrol in the area when she saw the man calling door to door and carrying a bag on School Lane at around 4.15pm on Tuesday, July 18.

There had also been reports of a suspicious door to door seller in the Beeley area on Monday, July 17.

The man, a 41 year old from Nottingham, was reported for the offence and the household items he was selling were seized.

When dealing with unexpected doorstep callers, residents are advised to:

  • If you are not sure who is at the door, don’t open it.
  • Check the identity of any caller. Ask to see a pedlar’s certificate if they want you to buy items at the door, or if they claim to be working for a company or organisation confirm their identity by calling the place they say they work using a number from the telephone directory or a bill.
  • Ask a neighbour to come around to check them before you open the door.
  • Tell them to come back at a time when someone will be at home with you.
  • Before answering the front door, make sure your back door and any windows are locked and closed.
  • Use the door chain every time you answer the door.
  • If the caller is selling something or offering work on your house or garden tell them that you are not interested and ask them to leave. Genuine, reputable firms won’t need to drum up business by cold calling.

To report any suspicious activity contact Derbyshire police by calling 101, the non-emergency number, except in an emergency when the number is always 999.

More crime prevention advice and information is available on our Safety Advice pages, which you can find by clicking here.

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