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Police remind residents to protect themselves from doorstep callers

Posted on 29th August 2014

Residents are being advised to protect themselves from doorstep callers following a recent incident in Hathersage.

Police were alerted to an incident at around 1:30pm on Friday, August 15, after residents reported two men offering goods for sale in the areas of Calver Sough, Calver and Monks Dale Close in Tideswell.

The offenders were stopped by police and were found to be trading without a pedlar’s certificate. Both have been strongly advised about the importance of trading with the correct documentation by police.

Officers from the Hathersage and Tideswell Safer Neighbourhood Team are advising people in the area to remain vigilant and to follow some simple safety tips when dealing with doorstep callers. This includes asking to see the identity card of the caller, and if they are selling goods, to ask for their pedlar’s certificate.

PCSO Anthony Boswell from the Hathersage Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We would like to urge residents to remain cautious and to report any suspicious activity to us to help prevent a crime from happening.

“If someone calls at your door unexpectedly, always make sure that you ask for identification and do not feel pressured into buying the goods.”

Other crime prevention advice includes:

  • Never invite a stranger into your home; if they ask to use the toilet, for a drink or to make a call then direct them to the nearest public facilities;
  • Question whether you really need the goods or services they are offering and don’t be obliged to buy or sign up to anything on the spot. You may get a better deal if you shop around or get alternative quotes;
  • Remember- genuine callers will not mind while you make these checks;
  • Keep an eye out for your neighbours and report any suspicious activity to police by noting down any information you have including descriptions of anyone in the area and the details of any vehicles.

For more information or to speak to the policing team call 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police.

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