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School children awarded for their commitment to the community in Wirksworth

Posted on 25th July 2014


 A Safer Neighbourhood officer presented over 50 certificates to school children in Wirksworth to award them for their commitment towards their community.

PCSO Sue Lester from the Wirksworth and Middleton Safer Neighbourhood Team attended the school led event at Saint Mary’s Church, Wirksworth on Friday, July 18.

Around 52 certificates were handed out to school children, aged four to seven years old, from Wirksworth Infant School and Wirksworth Church of England Infant School during the afternoon.

PCSO Sue Lester from the Wirksworth and Middleton Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “This is the fifth year that the Community Wonder Scheme has been running and each year it delights me to see how many children and their families take part to help make Wirksworth such a great place to live.

“Year on year the children have demonstrated the amount of respect that they have for their community by filling in a booklet to show how they help around Wirksworth, such as caring for the environment by picking up litter or recycling, walking to school to minimise traffic and pollution and also to show their knowledge around road safety.”

The booklet, filled out by the children, also included areas for them to show how they have been a part of the community by attending local groups or events, showing respect to other people by helping family or elderly neighbours, and also showing an achievement from their school year.

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