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Road safety reminder for young cyclists in the High Peak area

Posted on 7th June 2017

As summer approaches and more people are out on the roads, the Safer Neighbourhood policing teams in the High Peak are issuing a timely reminder to young cyclists on how to stay safe and cycle responsibly.

It’s as the number of calls from parents and local residents about young cyclists and teenagers riding their bikes in an anti-social manner on pavements and highways can sometimes increase.

Sgt. Denis Murphy, who is in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood policing teams in the High Peak area, said: “Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly activity which many children and young people enjoy. We don’t want to discourage youngsters from riding their bikes, but we do want to make parents aware of the dangers of reckless or anti-social riding, and to encourage their children to be mindful of their own safety and the safety of others.

“All cyclists need to be aware of and follow the Highway Code, including stop and give way signs and also traffic lights. It is also important to wear the appropriate protective and reflective clothing and biking gear.”

Sgt. Murphy added: “The main message here is for youngsters to ensure they ride positively, be sensible and responsible and to stay safe.”

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