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Drivers given crime prevention packs to put brakes on theft from vehicles

Posted on 16th September 2013


Police in Buxton have been handing out special packs aimed at helping motorists protect their vehicles and valuables from thieves.

Officers from Buxton and Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood teams are offering the kits to drivers to cut the number of incidents of theft from cars and vans.

The crime prevention packs contain warning stickers and air fresheners telling would-be criminals that there are no valuables inside. Lint-free cloths are also included so drivers can rub sat nav holder marks from windscreens when leaving their vehicles.

The kits also contain crime prevention leaflets with tips such as leaving an empty glove box open so criminals can see there is nothing of value, and refraining from hiding items in the boot.

High Peak Community Safety Partnership, which includes police and the borough council, bought the kits to help cut car crime in the area.

PCSO Alan Nield, from Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “These packs contain a few items that can actually make a great deal of difference by stopping a thief from targeting a car.

“Generally, thieves only strike when they think they have an easy target and that there’s something worth stealing.

“By telling them that there are no valuables inside, and removing any visible marks such as sat nav holder rings, drivers can stop their cars from being hit and save themselves a great deal of hassle and distress at the same time.”

Cutting car crime in parts of Fairfield is the current policing priority for the team and the packs have been handed out to motorists in both areas.

If you live in Buxton and would like to find out more, contact the Safer Neighbourhood team on 101.

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