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Police warn motorists about unsafe parking around Chapel train station

Posted on 10th April 2013

Officers from Chapel and Chinley Safer Neighbourhood Team are on the lookout for drivers who are blocking roads around a train station.

Commuters leave their vehicles on roads close to the station in Station Road, Chinley, and residents have reported vehicles blocking access to roads and property.

Police are concerned that emergency vehicles such as ambulances will not be able to reach properties nearby because of cars blocking the roads.

Elderly residents are also being forced to park far away from their houses and walk on often icy pavements to get home, while drivers struggle to get out of junctions due to a restricted view of the roads and room to manoeuvre.

The team will be patrolling the area at key times and leaving letters on problem vehicles warning them of the consequences of blocking roads when parking.

Drivers could also face fines in the future if the problem continues and Derbyshire County Council imposes proper restrictions.

PC Andrew Crosthwaite, from the team, said: “The situation is currently being looked into by the county council’s highways department and may mean that, in the future, restrictions will be imposed.

“Offences such as inconsiderate parking or causing an obstruction may also be enforced by the police.

“The letter is a reminder to motorists that they have a duty to park in a considerate manner. If they see a free spot, they should take a minute to see if a vehicle is parked on the opposite side of the road and, if it is, to find another place to park.

“They should also consider whether an ambulance or fire engine could get past their car, which could be a matter of life and death.

“We understand that parking a little further away may be inconvenient but our priority is to keep road users and pedestrians alike safe, and blocking the roads does not help.”

The letter also reminds drivers of the distance they should park away from junctions to make it easier for other motorists to drive out of them. The safe distance is no less than 10 metres, which ensures parked cars do not obscure the vision of drivers.

To find out more or to report a problem, call the team on 101.

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