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Young and old will benefit from police donation to High Peak community group

Posted on 30th October 2013

Police POCA donation to Chinley community group

A community group that offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages in the Chinley area has been given £1,000 by police under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Community Association was given the cash to help cover its running costs and to pay for new equipment.

The group organises events for local people, from football training for young children and cycling trips to cinema nights and family fun days.

The £1,000 donation will be put to use in a range of ways, including purchasing of new equipment and mats for exercise classes and funding a Christmas dinner for pensioners.

It was handed to the community group under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), which allows police to seize cash and assets from criminals through the courts and put the money back into the community, with the aim of preventing further crime or anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Erika Green, who is in charge of the area’s Community Safety teams, said: “The Act gives us the opportunity to take the assets of criminals and turn them into something positive, helping worthwhile community projects and improving the lives of people across Derbyshire.

“Criminals can no longer come out of prison and go back to enjoying a lifestyle funded by their illegal activity, and by seizing their ill-gotten gains we can prove that crime doesn’t pay.

“The community group here is hugely active and has such a positive impact on the local area that we were very keen to help with the funding.

“Hopefully the money will go a long way to making it even more accessible and enjoyable for local people.”

Insp Green handed over the cheque for £1,000 to Phil Manford, from the community association.

Phil said: “This money will help a lot of people, from young children right through to our older residents.

“It will pay for so many different things that will benefit the community and we’re hugely grateful for the donation.”

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