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Theft from vehicles and bin dipping become policing priorities in Fairfield

Posted on 31st July 2014

Officers from the Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Team will be tackling theft from unattended vehicles and residential bin dipping in the community over the next three months.

The priorities were decided by police and local residents following the Safer Neighbourhood governance meeting held on Wednesday, July 30.

To put the brakes on thefts from vehicles, the policing team will be carrying out high visibility patrols in the area to catch offenders in the act and will be using stop and search powers to carry out checks on those acting suspiciously.

Officers will be identifying vehicles that have been left insecure or with valuables on display during their patrols and will be speaking with the owners to offer relevant crime prevention advice.

This will include advising motorists about the importance of ensuring that their vehicle is properly secure with the windows up and ensuring that no valuables have been left on display. Other advice includes parking in well-lit, overlooked areas and removing any visible marks such as sat nav holder rings to deter a criminal.

PC Steve Blore, PCSO Patrick Haley and PCSO Sophie Rost from the team will be heading out on increased targeted patrols to target residential bin dipping in the area.

The team will be speaking to people living in the area about the issue and will be encouraging residents to shred their confidential waste to prevent them from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Residents are invited to attend the next Safer Neighbourhood priority meeting on Monday, November 17 to help set the policing focus for their community. The meeting will take place from 7pm and will be held at St. Nicholas Hall at the Fairfield Community Centre on Victoria Park Road.

To report any suspicious behaviour in your area call 101, the non-emergency number, except in an emergency when the number is always 999.

To speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood team call 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police.

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