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Charlesworth pupils team up to tackle speeding vehicles near their school

Posted on 30th April 2015

Police have been teaming up with youngsters from Charlesworth School to target speeding motorists in the area.

PCSO's Anne Gribbon and Jack Barlow from the Gamesley and Glossop Safer Neighbourhood Team visited the school on Friday, April 24 to carry out speed checks in a bid to remind drivers of the importance of safe and considerate driving.

The officers were joined by Key Stage 2 pupils, ageing from 7 to 11-years-old, during the afternoon to carry out checks along Glossop Road and Long Lane in Charlesworth following reports of speeding vehicles close to the school.

The youngsters each had a turn of using the mobile speed detection device to identify drivers who were breaking the 30mph speed limit. The rest of the group noted down the passing vehicles and their speed, and also conducted their own traffic survey for use in class.

PCSO Anne Gribbon from the Gamesley and St Johns Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "Initiatives such as this are a great way to highlight the importance of abiding by the speed limit, particularly on roads close to schools, along with educating the children on issues around road safety.

"We do receive reports of motorists speeding along Glossop Road and Long Lane and we are continuing to work with local residents and pupils here at the school to carry out Community Speed Watch to target the problem.

"The children seemed to really enjoy themselves during the afternoon, using the speed gun, noting down traffic problems, and even trying on our hats."

Miss Paula Denton, from Charlesworth School added: "I would like to say a big thank you to the community police officers that came to visit us; the children enjoyed it very much.

"They were eager to ask the officer's lots of questions about speeding and different aspects of law and the officers were very good with them. The children found using the speed gun really good fun and as we walked back to school they told me what speeds they had recorded, ranging from 18mph to 37mph.

"As part of our outdoor education we have been looking at the type and frequency of village traffic. The roads around the village main crossroads are becoming more dangerous as there is no safe crossing point without our lollipop lady.

"Allowing the children to use the speed camera really gave them an insight into how fast people are travelling through the village. By recording how fast and how much traffic comes through the village in ten minutes we hope to raise their awareness of just how busy these roads are."

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