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Police in North Division share advice on keeping sheds and garages secure

Posted on 16th June 2017
Shed lock

Officers in North Division are sharing advice on how to secure sheds and garages after a number of incidents throughout the High Peak, Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Amber Valley and the Derbyshire Dales.

Residents are urged to be alert and help keep their property secure after a number thefts from sheds in parts of the county, but also as we enter the summer months and make more use of the equipment stored in them.

Since the start of June there have been 13 reports of sheds and garages in the High Peak area which have been targeted, 11 in the Chesterfield area, eight in the North East Derbyshire area, five in the Amber Valley and three in the Derbyshire Dales.

People are advised to:

  • Always make sure your shed, garage or outhouse is locked.
  • Fit high-quality padlocks on all shed and garage doors; for advice on these items visit or
  • Install security lighting around sheds and garages, and invest in a shed alarm if possible.
  • If your outbuilding has windows, screw them shut or fit window locks and protective grills. You could also use curtains or netting to hide anything on view.
  • Secure shed door hinges with coach bolts and security screws.
  • Avoid storing high value items, including bicycles, power tools or lawn mowers. If you have to store them, secure them to the floor and ensure they are engraved or marked with your details
  • Chain large items, such as bikes, together.  Lock ladders to a secure fixture to stop them being used for access.
  • Always put tools, bicycles and other equipment away after use. Keep tools in a locked box.
  • Photograph your valuable items to help recover them if they are stolen and mark your property with a UV pen or forensic property marking fluid.
  • Register your valuables on the national online property database Immobilise so that Police can reunite you with them if they are ever stolen and later recovered, visit

Anyone with any information about crime, or to report any suspicious activity with information about the incidents should contact Derbyshire police on 101, except if a crime is in progress when you should call 999.

You can find out more advice by downloading the leaflet attached to this page, or check out the Safety Advice pages of the website by clicking here.

You can also contact your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team by calling 101, or contact them through the My Local Police pages which can be found by clicking here.

Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.