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Police in the Hadfield and Tintwistle area remind residents about considerate parking

Posted on 4th May 2017

Officers from the Hadfield and Tintwistle Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding residents about safe and considerate parking.

They are urging residents to give thought to where they leave their vehicle following ongoing complaints about a number of parking related issues.

PCSO Brian Buller of the Hadfield and Tintwistle Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Inconsiderate or illegal parking is often a concern for people in our area, across the High Peak, throughout Derbyshire and in fact most parts of the country.

“While most residents and visitors will park with care, we do still receive a number of complaints particularly around schools and the zig-zag markings, and also near to parks or sports grounds where vehicles are parked on pavements, at junctions or blocking driveways.

PCSO Buller added: “All we ask drivers to do is to consider if where you are parked could put someone in danger, if it is legal and if you are blocking anyone in their driveway, from getting past on the pavement with a pushchair or wheelchair or if an emergency service vehicle could get through.

“If you are unsure then it’s probably better to find an alternative place to park, that way you can reduce the risk of penalties, another person getting hurt or damage being caused to your car. Doing this will really help us keep our neighbourhood safe.”

For further information, or to speak to the Hadfield and Tintwistle Safer Neighbourhood Team, call 101, or send them a message using the Contact Us section of our website:

You can also follow the team on Twitter for the latest Safer Neighbourhood news: @HadfieldSNT.

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