Businesses in Clowne encouraged to become safe places for adults with learning disabilities

Posted on 21st July 2017
Clowne Keep Safe Places visits- Jul 17

Officers from the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team have been helping to encourage businesses in Clowne to become safe places for vulnerable adults.

PCSO Suzanne Fox, staff from Derbyshire County Council, MacIntyre and Helen Blanksby, a Keeping Safe Champion, visited organisations in the town to spot possible safe places for people with learning difficulties to go if they feel scared, threatened or are in trouble while out and about.

They found eight potential businesses, and left each organisation with details and an application form for the Derbyshire Safe Place Scheme.

The scheme, led by Derbyshire County Council, aims to stop the bullying and abuse of people with learning disabilities across Derbyshire and help them feel safe and confident when out in the community.

Clowne Library and The Springs Health Centre, both on Recreation Close, are the only two places currently registered with the scheme in Clowne.

PCSO Fox, of the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We are really pleased to be able to support the safe places scheme, and I would encourage local businesses to take the time to sign up to the initiative.

“Working together can make a big difference to our community, and those organisations who take part provide a valuable service for people with learning difficulties, who might find they have more confidence to visit their local town knowing that there are safe places they can go for help and support if they need it.”

For more details on the initiative, if you would like to apply for a Keep Safe Card or to become a Safe Place, visit the website:

Alternatively you can call Clare Waterfall on 01629 532469, or email

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