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Police help pupils with 'crime scene' in the school grounds in Pilsley

Posted on 4th July 2014

Police help pupils with ‘crime scene’ in the school grounds in PilsleyPolice have been helping pupils in Pilsley to investigate a ‘crime scene’ in their school grounds as part of their lessons in health and safety.

Teachers at Pilsley Primary and Nursery School invited their local Safer Neighbourhood policing team to help their Year Six class work out what might have happened to the school’s wildlife garden.

A scene was set up where the garden had been damaged, plants had been pulled up and graffiti had been spray painted on a planter.

PCSO Gary Green and PCSO Laura McLuckie of the North Wingfield, Pilsley, Stonebroom and Shirland Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team arrived at the school to ask the youngsters to come take a look, and to help them solve the crime.

The class then split into two teams, one to act as forensic officers to collect evidence from the scene and the other team as detectives who interviewed a witness.

After the visit, the class came back together to chat about what they had discovered and to decide on who they thought had caused the damage.

PCSO Laura McLuckie said: “The session as part of the schools health and safety lessons, and have already covered topics such as stranger danger and road safety.

“We wanted to do something different, and by setting up a mock crime scene the pupils were able to have a closer insight into the work police officers do. As the pupils also care for and look after the garden, it was also a way in which they could see first-hand how a victim of this type of damage might feel.”

The scene was set up alongside the school for the visit on Tuesday, July 1 and the planter is due to be replaced.

To contact the the North Wingfield, Pilsley, Stonebroom and Shirland Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, email or follow them on Twitter: @SouthEasternSNT.

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