Safer Neighbourhood Teams on Twitter


Residents in parts of Derbyshire can follow their local officers on Twitter as over 60 Safer Neighbourhood team accounts are now active.

In August 2012, a mixture of police constables and PCSOs from Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the county took to Twitter to update the community they serve with important and useful information.

Since then, further officers have joined up, and now almost half of the force's SNTs are represented on the social media site.

Officers will keep local residents informed of their whereabouts, update the community with news, safety advice and preventative measures, promote police surgeries and events, re-Tweet any useful information from relevant and local sources and generally use the medium of Twitter to engage with the public they serve.

Derbyshire police launched its own Twitter site in the summer of 2009 and uses it to share news, appeals and information with followers. To date, the force has almost 28,000 followers.

You can choose to follow the officers by clicking on their usernames below:

B Division

@GamesleySNT| - PCSO 5178 Anne Gribbon 
@BuxtonTownSNT|- Currently unmanned
@NewMillsSNT| - PC 2769 James Taylor
@MatlockSNT| - Currently unmanned
@HathersageSNT| - PCSO 4510 Anthony Boswell
@FairfieldSNT| - PC 14210 Steve Blore and PCSO 12723 Patrick Haley
@AshbourneSNT| - PCSO 16336 Peter Jones
@BakewellSNT| - PC 2259 Ian Hyde and PCSO 12724 Hayley Grundy
@WirksworthSNT| - PC 3402 Mathew Winterbottom and PCSO 4413 Sue Lester

C Division

@StaveleySNT| - PCSO 4404 Sue Cooke
@SNormPinxtonSNT| - PCSO 12702 Marion Jeffery
@ChesterfieldSNT| - PC 2975 Stephen O'Callaghan and PCSO 4465 Karl Marsh
@RiddingsSNT| - Currently unmanned
@DunstonMoorSNT|- Currently unmanned
@SouthEasternSNT| - PCSO 12718 Laura McLuckie
@InkersallSNT|- PCSO 12710 Mike Sharp
@HeanorRuralSNT|- PCSO 3873 Vicky Hill
@SomercotesSNT| - PCSO 12714 Richard Plant
@KilburnSNT| - PC 2069 Neil Hopwell and PCSO 4561 John Midgley
@ClayCrossSNT| - PCSO 12717 Charlotte Platts
@NewboldSNT| - PCSO 5265 Judith Cornwall
@RipleySNT| - PC 3207 Richard Marshall
@DronfieldSNT| - PCSO Mark Karim
@KillamarshSNT| - PC 3356 Laura Farmer and PCSO 12729 Cameron Harvey
@EckingtonSNT| - PCSO 4532 Dale Merchant
@BolsoverSNT| - PC 2610 Peter Harley and PCSO 3864 Benjamin Perry
@PleasleySNT| - PCSO 4609 Hancock and PC 2605 Statham
@ClowneSNT| - PCSO Galley, PC Graham and PCSO Fox
@ShirebrookSNT| - PCSO Cathcart, PC Newton-Jones & PCSO Liddy
@TibshelfSNT| - PCSO Brownlee, PCSO Swaby and PC Evans
@CreswellSNT| - PCSO Mitchell, PC Whyte and PCSO Wardle
@HeageSNT| - PC 2440 Kirsty Bunn and PCSO 12715 Scott Hunt
@BelperRuralSNT| - PC 886 Dave Chambers
@BelperTownSNT| - PC 2359 Andrea Smith and PC 2805 Simon Gilding


D Division

@NormantonSNT| - Sgt 2500 Sally Dachtler
@ChellastonSNT| - PC 2947 Andy Sudbury
@BorrowashSNT| - PCSO 4477 Victoria Beardall
@DarleySNT| - PCSO 4601 Linda Ball
@AllestreeSNT| - PCSO 4440 Ibrar Rafique
@ShipleyViewSNT| - PC 3361 Andrew Kendall-Edwards
@LittleoverSNT| - PCSO 12721 Megan Wyatt
@SunnyHillSNT| - PCSO 4624 Ruth Barker and PCSO 4445 Mark Cox
@AbbeySNT| - Currently unmanned
@MackworthSNT| - PC 3364 Aaron Shaw
@SwadTownSNT| - PCSO 12725 Lee Orme
@NhallMwaySNT| - PCSO 12701 Amy Hill
@WoodvilleSNT| - PCSO 4443 Dean Badham-Spalding
@GresleySNT| - PCSO 4592 Kate Bottomley
@SwadRuralSNT| - PCSO 4486 David McMillen
@HiltonEtwallSNT| - PCSO 4469 Kerry Waite and PCSO 4438 Kelly Barratt
@MerciaSNT| - PCSO 4613 Karen Coldicott and PCSO 4553 Claire North
@MelbourneSNT| - PCSO 4627 Emma Guest
@SinfinSNT| - PCSO 12704 Sean Pett
@DerbyCitySNT| - PC 3178 Chris Frost, PCSO 12730 Thomas Higton and PCSO 12719 Thomas Wilson-Fletcher
@LongEatonSNT| - PC 14071 James Crookall and PCSO 4578 Paul Boss
@LongEatonSouth| - PC 3236 Alex Wood, PCSO 4585 Matthew Boyer and PC 14149 Sarah Carlile 
@LongEatonNorth| - PC 3012 Nicola Burns, PCSO 12713 Sarah Brambleby and PC 14207 Kimberley Palin
@ChaddesdenSNT| - PCSO 3286 Matthew Thurman
@SpondonSNT| - PCSO 4453 Kate Bannister
@OakwoodSNT| - PCSO 4579 William McDermott and PCSO 4615 Daniel Walker
@LarklandsSNT| - PC 2622 Simon Doar
@IlkestonTownSNT| - PCSO 3889 Matt Lewis
@IlkestonRural| - PC 2136 Russ Crooks
@AlvastonSNT| - PCSO 3726 Jarrod Hobson


You can also follow the group's combined Tweets in the widget below, or subscribe to the list of SNT Tweeters by clicking 'Safer Neighbourhood Teams' below and clicking the 'Subscribe' button:


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