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Derbyshire Police and Fire and Rescue join forces with local school in a Drink-Drive Mannequin Challenge

Posted on 8th December 2016

Police officers from the Boulton Safer Neighbourhood Team have joined forces with their Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service colleagues and a student from Noel Baker School in the Mannequin Challenge. 

The challenge was filmed with firefighters from Red Watch at Ascot Drive Community Fire Station, Derby in order to highlight the dangers and potentially fatal consequences of driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. 

PC Paul Trussell from the team said: “Unfortunately in our job we see all too often the dramatic consequences of driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. 

“We know at this time of year people will be out celebrating but we want them to do so without being put in danger by a drink or drug driver. 

“There is not only the risk to the driver but also to their passengers, other road users and of course the traumatic effect is has on families left to deal with the aftermath, especially at this time of year.” 

Helping with the challenge was 17-year-old Archie Coxon, a sixth form media student from Noel Baker School. He said:  “It was a great experience to work with the police officers and firefighters and be able to use the skills that I have been learning to put the film together. 

“ I really hope it helps to encourage people not to be tempted to drive after they have been drinking.” 

Group Manager Bob Curry said: “Whilst filming the mannequin challenge was fun, it was done to highlight a very serious issue that becomes more of a problem as we enter the season of festive celebrations.   

“All too often firefighters deal with the devastating consequences of drink or drug drivers and this is something we continue to work with other emergency services and partners to prevent.  I echo the views of everyone involved in this challenge and hope that the video strikes a chord with people and they refrain from getting behind the wheel of a car after taking drugs or drinking alcohol – the message couldn’t be clearer, just don’t do it” 

As part of the campaign, police are encouraging people to ring in with information about suspected drink-or-drug drivers. 

To report a drink-or-drug driver to Derbyshire police, call 101 if it is not an emergency or 999 if it is.


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