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Crime prevention events boost vehicle security for Derby East motorists

Posted on 7th May 2014

Motorists have recently been invited to get their vehicle security into gear at two events.

It was in response to a rise in reports of thieves removing number plates from cars, vans and motorbikes in recent weeks.

Safer Neighbourhood officers from the Derby East policing section and the Crime Prevention Team from Derby Homes delivered crime prevention advice and free anti-theft screws to motorists.

The first event on Monday, April 28 was held at Sainsbury’s, security screws were fitted to over 60 cars and a further 20 sets were given to motorists who wanted to fit them themselves.

The screws are designed to make it difficult for thieves to remove them and can reduce the chances of number plates being stolen.

Around 30 of the attendees signed up to Derbyshire Alert, a community messaging system that updates recipients on crime, security advice and events taking place in their neighbourhood.

Many in attendance were already signed up to this system and found out about the event through Derbyshire Alert.

The next event was also held at Sainsbury’s on Friday, May 2 and on this occasion approximately 30 sets of screws were fitted to number plates.

Sergeant Simon Hawley who manages the neighbourhood teams at Derby East said:” We advise people to report any theft of number plate offences to our 101 number and a crime report will be created.

“Any vehicles bearing the stolen Vehicle Registration Mark will be stopped and examined, this may mean that the legitimate vehicle may also be stopped, but this will only be to confirm the identity of the driver.

“Stolen number plates can be used in a number of crimes, where the offender wishes to conceal the identity of a vehicle. The most common use is for bilking offences, where the offender fills up their vehicle with fuel and then leaves without paying.

“To help combat this crime, Derbyshire Constabulary operates a Garage Watch initiative, which involves petrol station staff being sent a list of all stolen number plates, any vehicles bearing these number plates is refused fuel and they report it to us.

“The use of security screws on number plates reduces the chance of becoming a victim of this crime, by making it harder for an offender to remove them.”

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