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Police Cadets join Alvaston officers to tackle shed and car crime

Posted on 14th April 2014

A team of police cadets hit the streets of Derby last week in a bid to raise awareness about shed and vehicle security with the public.

The initiative was in response to reports of shed and outbuilding crimes throughout the Alvaston area, the main reason being, people leaving sheds or vehicles insufficiently secured or not locked at all.

On Thursday, April 10 Alvaston Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team was joined by 18 Derby Police Cadets to assist in the security initiative.


The cadets and officers delivered leaflets to over 500 homes, mainly around the Kiwi Drive, Kelmoor Road and Church Street area where an increase has been seen in property being stolen from sheds and cars.

The cadets reminded residents to secure their sheds and outbuildings, lock car doors, remove high value items from the cars and property mark all valuables.

They spoke about crime prevention and the actions people need to take to secure their property.

Sergeant Andy King who manages the Derby East Safer Neighbourhood Teams said: “This initiative is part of an overall drive we are having across Derby East to crack down on burglaries.

“As soon as the warmer weather comes, people are in and out of their sheds, using garden equipment, bikes and generally pottering.

“We always see a rise in shed or outbuilding crimes in the summer months because people forget to lock the shed or use insufficient padlocks to secure it.

“We also ask vehicles owners to remember to lock their vehicles, make sure their windows are closed properly and all items removed from display.

“The people committing these crimes are looking for an easy opportunity to take things they can sell on quickly regardless of value.

 “Many people welcomed the visit from the cadets and the response from all was very positive.

“We have further plans to work with our Safer Neighbourhood Policing Teams in other areas of Derby to target this problem.”

Local officers from all neighbourhood areas in Derby City, Erewash and South Derbyshire strongly urge residents to keep their homes and vehicles secure and contact their local team if they need any advice in doing so and to report anything which may be suspicious.

To contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team please call: 101 or visit:


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