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Operation Safedrive event discovers 140 driving offences in Allenton

Posted on 26th January 2015

Police worked with partner agencies last week to put the brakes on unsafe vehicles and speeding motorists in Allenton as part of Operation Safedrive.Op-Safedrive-20-Jan-Osmaston-Rd-seized-vehicle

Around 140 driving offences were discovered during the operation on Osmaston Road which aims to reduce offences such as using a mobile phone at the wheel and tackle poor vehicle conditions.

Safer Neighbourhood officers teamed up with the Casualty Reduction and Enforcement Support Team (CREST) Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), Roads Policing Unit (RPU) and H.M.Customs on, Tuesday January 20.

Officers stopped motorists during the day of action and issued a mixture of warnings and penalties to:

 41 motorists for seatbelt offences;

27 people for driving while using a mobile phone;

 12 people for tyre related offences;

17 motorists issued a PG9 for vehicle defects, some so serious the motorist was not allowed to continue without repair or recovery.

Other issues included exhaust and registration offences, as well as 13 vehicles being required to remove illegal window tints and one motorist for driving without a licence.

One driver who was stopped for a mobile phone offence was arrested when he became aggressive towards the officers and was found to be wanted by the Metropolitan Police for threats to kill.

Sergeant Simon Hawley who manages the Allenton Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Operation Safedrive is a pro-active initiative to promote safety and to detect road traffic offences.

“As ever we find some vehicles in an unbelievable state on the road, as well as the driver it puts many others at risk.

“We encourage all motorists to check over their vehicles to ensure that they are safe and legal to use. A year is a long time in-between MOTS and wear and tear can take place very quickly.

“The rest of it is down to common sense and abiding by the laws of the road. The volume of offences indicates that there is still work to do and we will be looking to continue with these operations.”

Operation Safedrive is an on-going Derbyshire police campaign to educate motorists about responsible driving and make roads across the county safer.

For more information call 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police.

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