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Police issue warning to nuisance off-road riders in Alvaston and Shelton Lock

Posted on 9th March 2015

Nuisance off-road motorcyclists in Alvaston or Shelton Lock could have their bikes seized if they are riding illegally or ignore warnings about their behaviour.

The Alvaston Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team is targeting the issue after complaints about people riding off-road bikes in the Bembridge Drive and Field Lane area of Alvaston.

Residents have reported a yellow off-road bike causing a nuisance around the roads as well as Field Lane Park.

PCSO Laura Hammond from the team said:” We have also received reports of nuisance bikes in the Sinfin Moor Lane and Whitehouse Close area of Shelton Lock, four motorbikes have been reported to have been causing a nuisance riding around in the fields.

“We are carrying out regular patrols in areas where residents have identified the concerns.

“We take all reports of nuisance behaviour seriously, if anyone knows the identity of these riders please contact our team so officers can take appropriate action to target those who ride them illegally or without consideration for other members of the community.”

Police have the power to stop riders and, if they are found to be riding mini-motos or motorbikes illegally or in a manner which causes alarm or distress to others on more than one occasion officers can seize the vehicles.

To ride on the road motorcyclists must be 16 or over and wear a helmet. Each bike must be registered with the DVLA and taxed, insured, have an up-to-date MOT, and the rider should have a valid licence.

The law regarding the riding of motorbikes off-road states that the bikes can only be ridden on private land with the express permission of the landowner. Riders cannot use common land, footpaths or bridleways.

To contact the Alvaston Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, or email|.

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