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Motorists invited to number plate security event in Osmaston

Posted on 3rd March 2015

 Officers at Derby East are holding a number plate security event in Osmaston this week.

The event is being run by Derby East Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team in conjunction with the Derby Homes Crime Prevention Team.

They are offering drivers the chance to pick up free anti-theft screws for their vehicles at an event in the Sainsbury’s car park in Osmaston.

The screws are special ‘one way’ devices which replace the standard screws and are fitted to number plates to prevent them from being removed by a potential thief.

This reduces the risk of number plates being stolen or cloned, and can prevent offenders from committing a crime which cannot be traced back to them.

The security screws have been provided by Sharon Booth, who is the local Neighbourhood Officer for Osmaston and Sinfin.

The event will be held in the car park at Sainsbury’s on Osmaston Park Road on Friday, March 6. The team will be there from 10.00am until 2.30pm.

The Derby Homes CPT will be taking a break at 12.00pm and will resume the fitting of the screws at 12.30pm.

Sgt Simon Hawley who manages the team said: “Criminals who steal number plates can sometimes use them to hide the identity of vehicles, which are then used to commit crime. It is important that victims of this crime report the theft to police as soon as possible.

“This gives opportunity for officers to stop any vehicles bearing the stolen plates before they are involved in any offences.”

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